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About Scalable Commerce

Initially founded in 2005 as a technology services provider, Scalable Commerce relaunched in 2012 as a full-service agency as a result of decades-long friends becoming business partners.

The Team

Matt Walker


Matt began his career as a senior management team member of various membership marketing, software, and consulting firms, before becoming an entrepreneur. Matt is a UCSB Gaucho and is married with three boys.

Sven Klein

Chief Executive Officer

Sven co-founded his first company after graduating from the UCSB with a degree in Business Economics. He’s founded several successful companies and has held executive-level positions. He is married with two children.

Tom Adams

Chief Customer Officer

Tom entered the direct response marketing industry after earning a degree in Business Economics from UCSB. Tom co-founded Bargain Network, Inc. (BNI) in 1995. He is married with two boys.

Brad Inscoe

Chief Technology Officer

Brad founded Inscoe Enterprises, LLC in 2005 as a technology consulting firm where they created customer relationship management, process optimization, e-commerce, and data management tools. He is married with a daughter.

Randall Kopf

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to Scalable Commerce, Randy spent 15 years pursing an improved car buying experience at web software companies in product and operational roles for DealerTrack, ALG and Truecar. Randy enjoys riding bikes with his son, Parker. Randy is a UCSB Gaucho.

Jeremy Ellis

Co-Chief Technology Officer

Jeremy is a senior technology leader with over 15 years experience in software engineering, data and analytics. Passion for finding solutions to complex problems and optimizing processes through technology and automation. Jeremy enjoys traveling, surfing, and soccer.

Silvia Kuzen

VP Marketing

Silvia has over 20 years of marketing experience. She started by working on classified ads, then worked on tv and eventually got into online marketing. Silvia enjoys hanging out with family. And when she can find can find the time, reading a good book.

John Serpa

Chief Marketing Officer

John’s 20 years of online marketing experience includes SEO, SEM, eCommerce, CRO, email marketing, and web development. John enjoys being active and spending time with his family.

Jason O’Neill

Member Support Manager

A native of Santa Barbara, Jason has worked as an intern at Clear Channel Radio, as a bouncer, and a tutor at the local high school. In 2012, Jason started HoopsFactoryTV, an online media channel providing interviews of some of the nation’s best young basketball players.

Tina Sicre-Miller

Web Producer / Project Manager

Tina is also a UCSB Gaucho. She is a singer/songwriter who lived on the road for many years playing music. When not improving Scalable Commerce, she writes romance novels, plays music, and loves watching her son play Lacrosse and Football.

Rebecca Szerwo


Rebecca is a certified management accountant and has worked as Controller at Trackr and Citrix Online (formerly Expertcity). Lucky enough to have grown up in the area and to live in SB, Revebba enjoys hiking, biking, bbqing and spending time with family.

Joe Benscoter

Payment Processing Analys

Originally from Ventura, Joe has been a Santa Barbara transplant since arriving at Westmont College in 2004. Joe has held roles in the Finance Departments of several local companies and spent a few years working in the Caribbean. Joe has two cats, a wife, and plans on remaining in Santa Barbara “until they kick him out.”

Linx Latham

Front End Developer

Linx is responsible for writing and maintaining software using the latest technologies. She also plays a big role in making sure websites look good and function on all devices. Originally from Colorado, Linx came to Santa Barbara for the ocean and fantastic weather.

Hugh Fowkles

Member Support Assistant Manager

Hugh enjoys adventure and found a home in technology in Santa Barbara as a support supervisor and trainer. His passions include modern portfolio theory and business development. Hugh works in a dynamic assistant management position.

Maricela Plasencia

Manager of People and Culture

Maricela graduated from UCSB and has 13+ years in Human Resources and has held several corporate HR leadership positions in manufacturing, Venture Capital and medical device organizations. Maricela loves going to Giants baseball games, traveling and horseback riding with her family.

Emily Mendoza

Human Resources Assistant

Originally from Sacramento, Emily moved to Santa Barbara to study Economics and Accounting at UCSB. Emily loved the weather, the beach, and the community so much that she stayed after graduation. She enjoys exploring new places to eat and trying to watch all the latest Marvel and Star Wars movies.

Haaris Ahmed

Member Support QA/Training Manager

Originally from New Jersey, Haaris arrived in Santa Barbara in the spring of 2004. After finishing school at Seton Hall University, he ventured out to Santa Barbara in pursuit of both sunshine and new opportunities. Haaris enjoys going to concerts, creating music playlists, and watching the Knicks constantly lose.

DJ Melena

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marketing. Music. Smoothies. DJ is a man of few words. When not enjoying marketing, music, and smoothies, you can find DJ on his bike or at the beach.

James Mathews

Digital Marketing Specialist

James brings over 10 years of DRTV marketing experience to the team. He spends most of his time hanging out with family. James is a big sports fan and enjoys the great outdoors.

Kari Ann Yoshida

Front End Developer

Kari Ann helps to actualize with code the creative ideas and improvements for Scalable Commerce projects. Originally from the Bay Area and after spending many years in San Diego, Kari Ann is enjoying living in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Rhiannon Seider

Digital Marketing Specialist

Rhiannon has worked in digital marketing for 3 years with a special focus on social media marketing and campaign planning. Rhiannon enjoys hanging out on the beach and playing with dogs.

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